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We’re Celebrating International Migrants Day!

migrant's day

18th December 2015

Share your Migrant Story

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Myths about Migration


The majority of migrants are ‘economic migrants’ – that is, they leave their home for jobs, social welfare benefits and wealth.


62% of migrants reaching Europe in 2015 by boat are fleeing three countries – Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea.  All three countries have been devastated by conflict and war in recent years.  Tens of thousands of innocent civilians are killed every year, millions are injured and/or made homeless.  (Source: United Nations).



Most migrants are ‘welfare tourists’ – they are only interested in claiming social welfare and benefits from the host state.


Migrants provide more to host states in taxes and social contributions than they receive.  They are no more likely to be unemployed than host nationals and are less likely to draw on welfare payments and state services. (Source OECD/ Eurofound).



Europe/Ireland cannot afford to take in refugees from Middle East, Africa and other war-torn or poverty-stricken countries.  If we don’t close our borders, mass immigration will hurt us, economically and socially.


Europe and Ireland has an ageing population.   A person turns eighty every thirty minutes in Ireland.  The Irish workforce will be reduced by 10% over the next ten years without the arrival of immigrants.  Recent population studies show that over half of Europeans will be over 65 by 2030.  Europe and Ireland will not be able to afford their health and pension systems unless there is an influx of new workers.  (Source European Union Migrant Policy Centre)

migrant's day