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16 Days of Action Opposing Violence Against Women

What is the 16 Days of Action?

The 16 Days Campaign Opposing Violence against Women is an important opportunity to raise awareness and call for changes at an international, national and local level to make women and children safe from abuse. (Women’s Aid)

change the conversation

Take part. #ChangetheConversation

This year, Women’s Aid’s theme for the 16 days of action is change the conversation.

Some of the ways you can get involved include:

  1. Wear a purple ribbon to remember lives lost to domestic violence and to stand in solidarity with women and children living with abuse.
  2. Take part in the nationwide moment of remembrance for women murdered in Ireland at 12.30pm, 24th November 2017. Incorporate this moment into your own activities at this time or at any other time during the 16 Days Campaign.

To find out more information about the 16 Days of Action Opposing Violence Against Women, starting next week, go to