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General Election 2016

Four Reasons You Should Vote

  1. Every Vote Counts

When you vote, your vote then combines with the others who share the same views as yourself to create a voice. The more like-minded votes, the louder the voice!

  1. The issues affect YOU

Many people are put off voting because they don’t trust politicians or they don’t feel that politicians represent them.  BUT… many of the issues that are decided in government do affect you! From education, to health, to employment, to housing, to climate change, to benefits…you will always find something that affects you.

  1. People sacrificed a lot so that YOU can vote

The right to vote has been fought for by many and in some parts of the world, people are still fighting to be able to have a say in the decisions that are made for their countries.  How would you feel if your vote was taken away from you?  Don’t take your vote for granted.

  1. Whoever votes gets represented.

Democracy needs everyone to participate – whether you are young, old or somewhere in between, no matter what your background or current circumstances are, your vote means that your voice will be heard.
If only older people voted, then only issues affecting older people would be prioritised in government. If you don’t vote, then you may miss out on being able to make changes where things directly affect you.

Vote and have your say — It is your future after all!


One in every four people in Ireland chooses not to vote.  In some areas, two people out of five don’t vote. 
Unequal Participation = Unequal Influence?

Voting Stats