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According to the 2015 Eurobarometer report, Irish people ranked second only to Sweden in their belief that individuals play a role in tackling poverty in developing countries, and 89 per cent think companies can reduce poverty by doing business in a better way.

FAIRTRADE Fortnight (23rd February -6th March) is a perfect way to do both.


What does the Fair Trade logo mean?

When you see this logo on something you want to buy, it means the people who grew it or made it were treated and paid in a fair way.

Is Fair Trade a charity?
No, it’s a guarantee that all the people who worked to get this product into the shop were treated fairly and paid a fair wage.

What is the FairTrade minimum price?

It’s a bit like the minimum wage – it means people can’t get paid below a certain amount for their goods.  It stops people from being exploited and makes sure they get a fair wage that they can live on.

What FairTrade goods can you buy? 

The seven most popular products are: tea, coffee, bananas, sugar, cocoa (chocolate), flowers and cotton.

However, there are lots of other different products that are FairTrade and this list is growing all the time.  Just look for the FairTrade logo.  Here are the most popular FairTrade items in Irish shops:

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