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Good Country Index

Guess which country does the most good for the planet?????

good country index

In June 2014, an international index was launched which showed us a new way of ranking countries – it measures which countries are the ‘goodest’! The Good Country Index isn’t interested in how rich or successful a country is, it’s interested in how much they are doing for the world.

The idea of the Good Country Index is pretty simple: to measure what each country on earth contributes to the common good of humanity, and what it takes away. Using a wide range of data from the U.N. and other international organisations, each country is given a balance-sheet to show at a glance whether it’s good for humankind, a burden on the planet, or something in between.

good country index2

Interestingly…….IRELAND ranked 1st out of 125 countries in the world meaning this country does more for the world and humanity than any other country in the index.

The Good Country Index is compiled using 35 reliable datasets which track the way that most countries on earth behave, covering the big issues like education, science, war and peace, trade, culture, health, censorship, the environment, freedom, etc. This includes information such as freedom of the press, the number of refugees hosted, the amount of weapons exported and the number of Nobel Prize winners.

Most of these datasets are produced by the United Nations and other international agencies, and a few by NGOs and other organisations. These datasets are combined into a common measure which gives an overall ranking, in seven categories, and a balance-sheet for each country that shows at a glance how much it contributes to the world and how much it takes away.

good country index3

The biggest challenges facing humanity today are global and borderless: climate change, economic crisis, terrorism, drug trafficking, slavery, pandemics, poverty and inequality, population growth, food and water shortages, energy, species loss, human rights, migration … the list goes on. All of these problems stretch across national borders, so the only way they can be properly tackled is through international efforts. The trouble is, most countries carry on behaving as if they were islands, focusing on developing domestic solutions to domestic problems.  This Index aims to start a global discussion about how countries can balance their duty to their own citizens with their responsibility to the wider world, because this is essential for the future of humanity and the health of our planet.

For more information see the Good Country Index website at:  or watch the creator of the Index explain it in this Ted Talks video: